FlyTek GSE specializes in the maintenance and repair of aviation ground support equipment (GSE). FlyTek approached Media Proper with only a logo and needed their brand extended to a new website. Media Proper was tasked to generate an online presence that featured an impressive list of services offered, ultimately serving as an online brochure and easy point of contact for future clients.


With an effective use of full-width imagery while still maintaining some open white space, our design team gave the site a clean and uncluttered look to keep users focused on the content. The simple design and messaging tells a story, stressing the streamlined nature of the larger logistic offerings versus the sale of specific services.

Fonts were chosen with an eye for readability and classic elegance. The typefaces complement each other while providing a lively contrast that signals a clear visual hierarchy.


FlyTek needed to find a way to generate recurring traffic and leads. SEO strategies centered on ground support equipment content that would generate long-term exposure. Positioning their business as an authority in the industry enabled us to capture leads and convert those leads into customers.

Call-to-Action areas, color choices, effective use of imagery — all of these elements have the potential to affect the decisions that visitors make when they land on your site. We paid close attention to the SEO of the site at each stage of development. We ensured that the all identified keywords were correctly placed in the text and made sure that all opportunities for best practice meta tagging were also implemented.


Media Proper also helped with other marketing collateral including business cards, creating and optimizing social media accounts, blogging, back-linking, landing pages and more. The end result is a complete brand that continues to garner the attention of potential clients and maximizes its organic SEO performance.

FlyTek GSE Website Design FlyTek GSE Website Design


With a website, dozens of landing pages, multiple social media channels, and even an interactive online brochure, Media Proper crafted a complete digital marketing strategy that gives FlyTek GSE many opportunities to connect to their target audience and continually garners the attention of potential clients.

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