As a non-profit organization that has the goal of “strengthening community health through food, farms, and education,” Greener Partners needed a site that was feature-packed, yet simple to use for visitors and staff alike. The three main areas of focus for the site were donation collection, community education, and community outreach.

Contributions Made Easy

Donations are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. With this in mind, a simple-to-use donation form was a vital component of our Greener Partners site redesign. We opted for a streamlined form that offers preset donation amounts and the ability to opt into a monthly recurring donation. The idea behind this choice was that the less the user had to do manually, the more likely they would be to complete the donation process.

To help achieve both of these goals, we incorporate a variety of local business-specific strategies. These include prominently featuring the address — as well as their place of business on a map — on the home and contact pages, utilizing local business schema markup, performing local-based keyword research, and setting up landing pages for each of their service areas.

Spreading Seeds of Knowledge

Educating the public about the health benefits of fresh produce and on how to grow produce of their own is one of the founding principles of Greener Partners. So they needed a platform with which they could spread seeds of knowledge. The Virtual Learning Hub is the solution to their needs.

The Virtual Learning Hub is what you get when you combine a blog, video database, and downloadable content directory all in one. The blog-like nature allows users to easily scroll and find the content they’re looking for. Once they find a topic that interests them, they can watch a video and download a PDF of additional information on it.

Growing a Community

Finally, the focus on continuous community outreach requires that content be easily added and edited to various parts of the site by Greener Partners staff. Content is constantly being added to the Virtual Learning Hub, News, and other sections of their site. Because of this, it was of the utmost importance that everything is accessible and manageable through the backend.

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