Media Proper and HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy have been working together for over a decade. The most recent redesign focuses on ensuring the site is easy for users to navigate and HMS staff to maintain. Using a three-pronged approach, we streamlined the announcement posting, social media sharing, and donation processes to make them as simple to use as possible.

Ease of Use

Navigation is an extremely important part of any website, but it plays an even larger role for an education-based non-profit organization like HMS. All the information a parent could want to know about what HMS can do for their child needs to be accessible via the shortest path possible. To help facilitate this flow of information, a link to the contact page where parents can get in touch with those who will be interacting with their children on a daily basis is the primary call to action featured on the home page.

Non-profits have specific challenges and needs such as capturing donations. To meet these needs a button linking to the donation page was added as part of the sticky navigation menu so it’s always in sight and just a click away.

WordPress Responsive Design

All About the Kids

The HMS site has one of the most personal designs we’ve ever done. Everything is centered around the kids. All the imagery, video, and even the vibrant colors, are used to showcase the personality of the organization and what they stand for.

Continued Support

Just as the HMS staff continue to support the students who come through their doors, Media Proper continues to support the HMS staff. We’re constantly making small improvements to the site and are always available when they have a question or request.

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