Located in the heart of Allentown, Metro Beauty Academy is a cosmetology and esthetics school that also offers business courses. In order to stand out in the highly competitive field of academics, a first-rate website is required. That’s exactly what we delivered for Metro.

Academia Designed for the Fashionista

When it came to the design of the Metro site, we had to merge academics and fashion to fully capture the Metro identity. As a school, Metro’s website needs to provide students and their families with all the information on classes, financial aid, and more. It also has to attract educators and recruiters alike by showcasing the value of working with Metro students and graduates.

On the other hand, a love for cosmetic fashion is what brings students to Metro. We leaned into this by using designer sites as inspiration. The result is a design dominated by imagery that puts life at Metro on full display while providing easy access to key information about the school.

Highlighting Metro Life

Telling prospective students about what makes a school the right fit for them often isn’t enough. We knew that we needed to show what Metro life is like through images and video. One way in which we achieved this was by adding an Instagram feed to the bottom of the home page. This gives prospective students a glimpse into what’s been going on at the school recently.

We also included video interviews with current Metro students and graduates on an internal page dedicated to Metro life. Highlighting the stories of real customers or, in this case, students is a great way to convince others that your business or school is the right choice for them.

Tailored Lead Capture

Contact pages are standard on business websites, and the Metro Beauty Academy site is no exception. However, it also includes a quiz for interested students to determine if a beauty school is right for them. This is a more “fun” way to capture leads and allows Metro staff to respond to each interested student with messages tailored to their quiz responses.

A Complete Makeover

While we’re no strangers to designing and building both fashion and academia sites, Metro was the first time we’ve combined these two fields. This was achieved by relying on imagery and video to tell the stories of the students who attend the school. The result is a web experience that allows prospective students to see themselves attending Metro.

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