When Sexy Hair came to us they were already a successful, global company, with a multifaceted online presence in three languages and thirty different countries. They had an academy in Santa Monica, a hipster following, and were rumored to be supplying Hollywood’s leading stylists. And they’d brought in Marilyn Monroe as their modern/classic face. Props.

The problem? A botched CMS deployment had left their webstore in a tangle. With fulfillment issues beginning to soar, we had to tame that bird’s nest fast. Our team dropped everything else so that we could bring Sexy Hair back from the brink.


First we very meticulously rescued the webstore, piece by piece — without ever taking it offline. Because budget constraints prohibited a complete rewrite (which, honestly, we would otherwise have recommended, so gnarly was the state of it), we prioritized each problem area and systematically de-kinked the shit out of it.

Sexy Hair couldn’t get enough. What started as a one-time, walk-in emergency ended with Media Proper being hired on to provide regular maintenance and continual enhancements over the next couple years.

Sexy Hair Ecommerce


Next came the fulfillment process. With a truly global reach, Sexy Hair was starting to employ some heavy management lift in the form of Microsoft Dynamics. Dynamics was doing the picking, packing, shipping and tracking, and keeping it all filed in a customer database for future grooviness. To play along, the content management system needed plenty of custom code, which we handily supplied. Bang, full-on integration.

The big challenge? Multiple languages. A former developer’s poorly executed code structure was clashing with the CMS’ in-built multilingual capabilities. Before Media Proper took over the project, development had all but stalled and seamless bliss à la Microsoft Dynamics was looking less like the near future than like a fun little fantasy.

Our team wasn’t shy about leveraging de règle, Drupal-savvy code to inject the most *oomph* into Sexy Hair’s webstore. Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Sexy Hair Ecommerce


Nothing about Sexy Hair lacked style, or sexiness, or bigness. The company had grown so fast that their Spanish and French language sites weren’t entirely on message. They wanted to keep their modern-classic brand right on pitch and all over the place, and we were right there with them.

The team at Media Proper created a single, all-inclusive online strategy to bring the three sites, and all thirty domains, under an enormous umbrella of fabulous coherence. Last, but not least, we blended it precisely with the new and improved webstore.


Following on the heels of a massively successful deployment of Microsoft Dynamics and a muscular new online presence, Sexy Hair retained our team for another two years. During that time the company was so well poised that it attracted the attention of German beauty care giant Henkel, which was looking to expand its American operations.

Sexy Hair Ecommerce

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