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There’s nothing canned about Media Proper. We show up to work each day to provide action, results, and tangible value to our clients. No fluff. No noise. Nothing off the shelf.

Custom Web Development

Nothing Boxed

A website doesn’t just represent your business online, it is your business online. So why settle for a website built around a preset theme that isn’t right for you? At Media Proper, we’ll craft a customized site catered to your business in a way that’s true to who you are.

Philadelphia Ecommerce

Solid Service

Beneath the hip veneer of seasoned tech wizardry you’ll find a talented team of down-to-earth people who care deeply about what they do. We’re approachable, ready to listen, and not afraid to give it to you straight. If we’re aggressive about anything, it’s matching quality with certainty.


Distinctive Edge

There’s a right tool for every job, only sometimes it doesn’t exist yet. We specialize in discovering high-end products to fill the gaps in existing technology. If there isn’t already a tool for the job, you can count on us to make one.

Website Development Team


We are passionate professionals who love to design, code, write, and explore the boundaries of technology and creativity. We value continuity and commitment. We expect it from one another, and we show it to our clients. Oh, and dogs. We love dogs too.

Becca Sowers

A graduate of Rowan University, Becca holds over 7 years of design experience. She prides herself on her strong ability to capture the essence of a brand and to bring it to life on the web.

Chris Mesigian

Chris brings over 18 years of marketing experience to Media Proper. As the age of Search boomed, he adapted his understanding of consumer behavior to the digital space to effectively target and optimize for meaningful interactions.

Eric Wright

Eric is the SEO Content Writer, responsible for crafting written content for the web. A graduate from Penn State University with a degree in Communication Arts & Sciences, he knows how to write a sentence or two.

Kathleen Glackin

A graduate from Pittsburgh Technical College with a degree in Multimedia Technologies, Kathleen started learning how to code in high school. Codes WordPress themes and user experience, and occasionally dives deeper into programming.

Larry Morroni

Founder and principal bringing years of web industry experience to client projects.

Marc Oldham

With over 20 years in the design and visual communications industry, Marc directs the creative approach with a focus on developing intuitive user-experiences while maintaining brand consistency throughout all marketing channels.

Ryan Parker

Ryan is a web developer with years of experience as an artist, designer, and art educator.

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