Technologies and Methods we leverage for our clients

Web Design

Don’t settle for ‘good enough’. Media Proper is excited to listen to your ideas for your website. We’ll take your vision and turn it into reality. You’ll be there every step of the way for the development process, so rest assured knowing that ‘custom’ really does mean ‘custom’.

Search Engine Optimization

There’s no cutting corners when it comes to search engine marketing; it’s what drives traffic to your site. We’re experts in this field, so we know what search engines are looking for when displaying results for a search query. Let us perfect your content and manage your ad campaigns, so everyone can be satisfied.

Local Marketing

Trust us, we know how important reaching local customers is. There are several different ways to achieve this, and after many years of working in the same town, we’ve developed tricks for just about all of them. From branding to social networking, we’re here to help to you with all of it.