General Ecology is a water filtration and purification system manufacturer. They recognized it was time for a refresh of their website and began searching for a web design agency. After filtering out the other options, they selected the Media Proper team.

Purified Design

The old General Ecology site felt cluttered at times. There was a large amount of information with very little room to breathe. Our solution was to increase the margin size between on-page elements, adding more white space to the design.

Another design choice we made was to shift away from a full-width, central column layout for the content. By swapping to a two-column layout, we improved the flow of the pages and increased the effectiveness of the white space.

Refreshing Visuals

High-quality imagery is a key component of any website. And the importance of visuals is increased for eCommerce sites such as General Ecology. During this project, we spent about the same amount of time finding the right images to use on the site as we did building the site.

When selecting images, we had to find the right balance between product and lifestyle. The product portion comes in the form of purified, filtered water. The lifestyle portion comes in the form of images featuring kitchens, RVs, boats, planes, and travel.

Product Filtering

One of the biggest upgrades we made to the General Ecology site is how users interact with the online storefront. We created a fully-customized WooCommerce implementation that allows products to be filtered in a variety of ways, including by product type, application, and price.

The most important quality for an online store to have is that it’s easy for customers to use and find the products they want. With our product filtering feature in place, we’re confident that the new site has taken a massive step in the right direction for both our client and their customers.

A Taste of What We Can Do

General Ecology’s new website features our most customized WooCommerce implementation to date. But, creating efficient eCommerce sites is only a small portion of what our team is capable of. We bring the same level of commitment to every site we develop, regardless of niche.

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