Just as the Bucks County SPCA helps pets in need find new homes, Media Proper gave the SPCA a new website to call home. This was a full site redesign with a heavy focus on imagery. The animals of the SPCA had to be front and center, and we kept that in mind when creating the design. There are also more specific features that were implemented that keep track of available pets and facilitate online donations to the shelter.

Keeping Track of Curley with the PetPoint API

We used the PetPoint API to display which pets are currently available at the Bucks County SPCA’s two shelters. The list of available pets is updated every 15 minutes, allowing visitors to browse an up-to-date selection of animals for adoption. Here in the Media Proper office, we check it once per day just to see if our favorite cat, Curley, has been adopted yet.

PetPoint doesn’t simply show which animals are available, though. The API also pulls additional information on the pets, including their breed, age, name, which location they’re at, images, a biography, and much more. That means the workers of the SPCA can focus on providing for the animals in their care rather than updating their online profiles manually.

Non-Profit Donation Collections

As a non-profit, the SPCA can continue performing its important work thanks to generous donations from members of the community. To help facilitate the collection of these donations, a way to donate online was vital for the new site. Donations can be made as either one-time or recurring payments, and can even be made on behalf or in honor of another person or pet.

Custom Solutions to Custom Problems

The inclusion of specialty plugins and APIs isn’t unique to the Bucks County SPCA site. We regularly implement such plugins to meet the specific needs of each client. In some cases, we find the plugins necessary to achieve the functionality required, and in other cases, clients already have certain plugins in mind. Regardless of who finds a particular plugin, we’ll work to ensure it works flawlessly with your site.

Recognition for Our Work

Our design for the Bucks County SPCA site has been recognized by DesignRush as one of the best charity websites and is pending inclusion in their article on the Best Non-Profit Website Designs of 2022.

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