SLB Capital Advisors is the only firm in the country solely focused on sale leasebacks and M&A-related real estate engagements.  When the team, comprised predominantly of former investment bankers, first reached out to us, they had a business name, an established reputation in the real estate and sale leaseback sector, as well as deep M&A expertise, however had not yet begun to proactively market to clients under their newly established brand. 

Our first course of action was to work with the team to develop an online brand identity.  Once we completed that process, the site was designed and developed with that identity in mind.  Finally, we constructed the site copy to accurately explain the complex nature of their business with multiple end-markets in a straightforward and concise manner.


The logo for SLB went through multiple rounds of design and feedback before the final version was settled on. The black and white color scheme was chosen for its professional look and the blocked out shape was selected for its uncompromising appearance.

With the logo complete, it was time to design the site itself. White space is one of the defining features of this site. It’s simple, professional, and doesn’t distract from the core messaging. Finally, corporate blue highlights were sprinkled throughout the site to tie everything together.


Despite having a relatively minimalistic appearance compared to other websites we’ve designed and developed, the SLB site includes the most animations. Almost every part of the site has one animation or another, which is how it’s able to feel alive despite the copious amounts of white space. In fact, it’s only because of all the white space that these animations work.


Copy is important for any website. It helps with SEO, informs visitors, and works with the site design to create a certain aesthetic. But due to the streamlined layout of the SLB site, the importance of the copy was elevated. On one hand, the copy had to be sufficiently descriptive to explain exactly what SLB does. But on the other, too much text would negatively impact the design. In the end, we leveraged a laser-focused approach to copywriting that says as much as possible in only a few words.

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